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We are so excited to share that we are now a part of the Virginia's Finest list. This is such an honor for us to be recognized as one of the many top quality products made here in Virginia!

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Who is Koss Sauce

Some of you may be visiting our site for the first time and want to know who we are and what makes our sauce unique. We are John and Diana Koss. We are both Virginia natives and reside in Louisa county. For most of his life, John has been making his own unique sauces and sharing with family and friends. This sauce started as a joke as people would ask for a business card when we would smoke hogs for weddings and events or make bbq and coleslaw for events. John simply began calling it "Koss Sauce." Last year we decided to start our own business and earlier this year we left our 9-5 jobs to make it a reality....

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