My interview with Daryl AKA Legitbbq

   Recently I decided to begin a blog in which I "meet and greet" with all the great people and businesses I have met as I have begun my bbq journey.  One of the great people that I have met is my friend Daryl that I  met through Instagram.

     Daryl was born in the Phillippines and lived there until he was seven. In 1985, his family moved to Northern Virginia for his father's job and he has lived in the state ever since.

     Grilling has been something that Daryl has enjoyed since his early teens. He stated that the concept of cooking meat over a fire has always fascinated him. His dad bought a Weber kettle and Daryl would often take over grilling for family bbq's. He remembers grilling for about forty people at his own high school graduation party.

     When I asked him what his favorite item to grill is he replied burgers and wings. They may be boring to some, but they are at the top of his list for delicious comfort food. Beef and pork are tied for a close second.

     I then asked him are there any specific gadgets that he has found are helpful and that he enjoys using when grilling. Daryl said that the Vortex by ThunderDome BBQ, in his opinion, is the best accessory you can get for your Weber Kettle. He uses his all the time for smoked burgers  and chicken wings and thighs. The Vortex always works well with beer can chicken.

     Grilling and smoking are an art, it takes time to learn and perfect states Daryl. If at first things don't turn out exactly how you want, don't get fed up or disappointed. You learn something new and improve your your skills with each cook. If you're just starting out, Daryl recommends the Weber Kettle. For the money, there is no better grill in his opinion. He learned to grill and then moved into low and slow barbecue. Smoke and fire management is a process that takes time, effort, and dedication In his opinion, prefer pellet grills is that they may not have the time or desire to learn the art of grilling and barbecue. He states he has nothing against pellet grills or their users; to him the time,effort and process of traditional barbecue and grilling is the fun part.

      Along with grilling, he loves living here in Virginia. The rich history here in Virginia as well as the beautiful scenery are two of the reasons he enjoys the state.  Within a few hours, you can view Mount Vernon, Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello and Jamestown. You also can visit Virginia Beach, Charlottesville and Richmond. All of the beautiful parks are also a draw for him : spending time outdoors with family. He enjoys living in the peaceful suburbs while also being less than an hour away form Washington DC which has some of the country's best museums and so many dining and entertainment options. I definitely agree with him on the fact that people from Virginia are awesome, those of us who grew up in this great state and decided to stay here.

     I truly enjoyed talking with Daryl and all he had to share about his love for grilling. I appreciate him taking time to share with me. I look forward to the many people and businesses I will spend time with in the future.