Koss Sauce Family: my interview with Joe Landa

     This interview is with my good friend Joe Landa. Along with talking with businesses and people here in Virginia, I also want to introduce you to those who I admire and have influenced me and have made Koss Sauce the brand it is.

     Joe was one of my first customers and quickly  became one of my closest friends. He and his family have given such support and advice.

     Joe has been creating delicious meals, creating recipes, grilling and smoking meats for approximately 30 years. He was born in California but was brought to Texas at an early age and resides there today.

     When asked who his biggest influence was he answered his father was the biggest influence in grilling. His father's house was the "weekend spot" to get together and grill every other Saturday.

    Joe puts family first and has a big heart. I believe that is what caught my eye and why we became such good friends. 

     "I create some recipes,but not all" Joe said. I relate to his comment as I love learning new ideas and techniques from others. He has always enjoyed coleslaw and decided to make his own. Using a cajun seasoning  from a good friend, He tried it and loved the taste. I"ve seen pictures of his cajun coleslaw and it looks scrumptious. He also makes a mustard sauce which he mixed ingredients together until he liked the taste.

     I asked him if he has a favorite gadget to use. He has several grills and likes rotating them, depending on what meal and or meats he is grilling. 

    What advice would he give to a someone considering to begin grilling or using a smoker? Realize we all make mistakes and do not give up. Don"t throw in the towel if something does not turn out like you would have hoped. Do no try to impress others, but to make sure you, yourself are impressed with the finished product.

     Joe ended our interview by saying " I think everyone is amazing at what they do and how they cook. There is no such thing as being the best. Everyone has their own way of cooking and I truly respect that. The presentation is a key but does not mean its the best. I truly respect everyone for their uniqueness and talent. 

     I encourage you to follow Joe on Facebook and on Instagram @jlanda1217.

I'm so thankful to have him as part of my Koss Sauce family.