Dirty Possum Bbq ; Old School Style

     For those who do not know him, let me introduce you to Robbie High. Born and raised in Chesterfield, Virginia until in his mid-twenties he moved to Powhatan county where he met the love of his life, married and  together they moved to King and Queen which is where she was raised.

     I met Robbie on social media, found out we both reside here in Virginia and both have a love for family, friends and grilling. He has been a constant support of myself and Koss Sauce. This year I became a proud sponsor of his competition bbq team, "Dirty Possum Bbq".

     I asked Robby when did he begin smoking meat. He stated until was in early thirties he had cooked using charcoal grills and gas grills. He then discovered Smokers and said "It changed my life." Robbie stated that the food on a smoker is amazing and you can cook almost anything on them.

     Robbie made me laugh when I asked him what is his favorite meal or dish to prepare. "Its like asking me which kid I like the best. lol."  Although its hard to choose, he said beef brisket is his favorite meal to cook on the smoker. Its a very tough cut of meat that takes love and care but if done correctly, it will turn out to be "a little slice of heaven." He enjoys the challenges it brings while cooking it. Do you cook it fat side up or down, separate the flat from the point and what he calls the "ever so dreaded stall." The stall can make or break your competition Bbq if you don't account for it in your time line. He said he's had a brisket stall for an hour and fifty minutes and there was no time for a rest period.

     Gadgets or items he uses? Robbie still uses an old school cooker; a custom made stick burning offset reverse flow smoker. He does use digital meat probes to have a constant temperature on the meats and he uses a hand held digital meat thermometer. He tries to keep it simple and cost effective.

     When asked what advice he would give to someone just beginning to grill, he summed it up with one word: PRACTICE, then practice some more. Cooking on smokers is fun but takes a lot of work. You need to learn your smoker, how it cooks, sweet spots in the cooking chamber, how to get the heat up or down and what temps work best for each meat on your smoker. All these things are different on every smoker so practice is key to being a better cook.

     Why does he love Virginia? Virginia offers so much that anyone could find something fun to do.Virginia is so rich in history that he finds himself always learning something new about the state. Virginia offers big city life as well as rural country living to satisfy your wants and needs not to mention that Virginia is full of amazing food. Virginia's bbq is one of the top in the nation. Robbie pointed out that Virginia is a huge supporter of small business and we have so many local, talented artisans including AR's Hot Southern Honey and Koss Sauce. He truly loves all the great folks who live here in Virginia.

    I want to thank Robbie High for taking time to speak with me and for his support of Koss Sauce.