Chatting bbq with JK Reeves

     I want to begin this blog by saying how much I enjoy meeting people from Virginia, as well as from all over the United States and abroad. I love to cook in general and I enjoy learning ideas and tips from the bbq community. 

     Being a part of the bbq community is just that a community, not a competition. Each person whether are a grillmaster or like myself, create a unique sauce or rub, each have their own way of creating.

     One of the wonderful people that I've had the opportunity to get to know and chat with is JK Reeves. I have always admired his posts on social media and he does a fantastic job creating his meals. 

     JK was born in Texas, but has also lived in Las Vegas, North Carolina and New Hampshire. He now resides in Virginia Beach.

     His love for grilling began two years after finishing college. When asked what he enjoys grilling the most, he stated Dino beef ribs and steak.

     Everyone has a favorite gadget or tool that they use for smoking meats and grilling. JK enjoys his Arteflame insert which he uses with his Weber Grill. He says its the best addition he has made and the one he enjoys the most.

    Knowing your fire and hot spots of each grill is the tip JK would share with those who are just beginning to grill. His second tip is if its overcooked, eat it anyway and there will not be any waste.

     For my last question, I asked why he enjoys living in Virginia. The warm weather and beach living are what draw him to Virginia.

     I want to thank JK for taking time to talk with me. I always learn something new or something I may not have considered before. 

     I look forward to my future posts, getting to know more people in the bbq community as well as businesses that thrive here in Virginia.