Black Pit Q grilling it up in Lynchburg


 One of the first people to reach out to me and place an order for my sauce was Blackpitq, better known as Russel to his family and friends.

     I recently chatted with Russel to find out a little about his background and what turned him on to grilling.

     Russel along with his girlfriend and his dog moved from Philadelphia,Pennsylvania to Lynchburg, Virginia in 2010. They moved here to be closer to family which is a big reason many of us are here in the state.  He says that along with being close to family, he has made many great friends and has been shown what southern hospitality is all about.

     Russel has always had a love for "live fire" but became more serious about it in 2008. He entered a bbq competition at the Phillies stadium Citizens Bank Park. Although they did not do so well, it definitely helped Russel to see he was hooked. Russel stated  "from then on I've always had smoke in my eyes, on my clothes and in my mind."

     I asked what his favorite items were for smoking and grilling. He is a huge fan of competition style ribs, Texas beef and Carolina pork. Right now his grills of choice are the BQ Grills VDS 4840 and the Traeger Ironwood 650.

     What is his advice to someone just getting into grilling ? Start out with something easy like wings or chicken quarters so you can get to know your grill or smoker. "I've burned alot of meat trying to figure it out" Russel jokingly said.

    I enjoy learning more about all the great people that I talk with briefly on social media. I did not realize how many people share my passions here in Virginia.

    I want to thank Russel  for taking time out to share with me.