Art Harris- Playing with his food again.

     On this week's blog, i want to introduce you to another one of my good friends and brand ambassadors, Art Harris.

     Art placed an order shortly after I began marketing Koss Sauce and the rest is history. I feel as if I have known him all my life. If I had to use a few adjectives to describe Art they would be genuine, funny, down to earth and creative. He often describes his food creations as "playing with his food." 

     Art began the phrase " The Koss" . He as well as my friend Joe Landa(who I featured in my last blog) started both of the phrases that have become favorites. Joe started the hashtag kosssaucefamily.  Several others now use the phrase "The Koss". We are definitely a family. Not only because of our love for koss Sauce and grilling but our families, our pets, our ups and our downs.

     I asked Art  when he first purchased his first grill. A Weber grill was his first twenty five to thirty years ago. His favorite meat to cook was chicken thighs with his homemade bbq sauce. "I've gone through many grills over the years" says Art but his current favorite is the Pit Boss Series 3 Vertical Smoker. He enjoys the whole process of smoking meats and the preparation of it.

     Art was born and raised in the greater Seattle, Washington area, but spent the 90's in Southern California. After being back in Seattle for a few years, he took a job in upstate New York.He resides in Rochester, New York currently and has no interest in moving again.

     I asked him who his biggest influence in grilling and cooking in general was. He stated his father was. His father always enjoyed raising animals to provide for his family and cooking in general. He also commented that he admired and respected Anthony Bourdain for his cooking style and the way he lived his life.

     When I asked him where he gets the ideas for the recipes he creates he said "recipes, what recipes?" He did say he needs to start a journal of all of his ideas and notes on food and his creations. He enjoys looking on Instagram and Pinterest for new ideas. He enjoys combining ingredients and parts from different recipes, hence why he needs to start a journal.

     When I asked what his favorite gadget is, he said I was "talkin his language". He can get enough of them. He likes looking on the Facebook Marketplace and Amazon for new items. His favorite would have to be his knives. He has quite a collection and enjoys using each of them.

     When asked what his best advice would be to those new to grilling, he says to take your time, don't rush when preparing something you want to cook. Take your time, learn how to achieve the results you want and doing this takes practice, along with trial and error. Keep notes to remember what did and didn't work. Most importantly, you can always add more so start with small amounts.

     Use products sparingly, remember, the idea is to enhance the natural flavor of your food, not overpower it. Sometimes the best seasoning is nothing more than the food itself. 

     I definitely agree with Art's final thoughts. He says that food brings people together, not just the eating of it but the preparation as well. Who knew it would be so much fun to play with your food. Invite your friends and family to come play in the kitchen. We are all one big, happy bbq family . This also means we should all support each other, especially those people who've decided to make a living doing what we all love to do. He also states shop small business and shop locally which I definitely agree with.

     I want to thank Art so much for taking the time to be a part of my blog and my Koss Sauce family!

     I hope you enjoy reading and getting acquainted with all those who are featured in my blog. I hope you may read something that you had not known before and will help you in your grilling future and encourage you to try something new or maybe start that new business you have been thinking of.